Weekly Creative Inspiration

Weekly Packages of Inspiration and Healing for Mothers and Their Children.

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Holistic Strategies for Stress and Overwhelm

Every week you'll receive new holistic strategies to relieve the stress and overwhelm of motherhood.

These strategies are based in Yoga and mental health therapy, engaging the body, mind & spirit, along with creative guidance for on-going practice.

Affirmation Cards for Both Mom and Child

Inspiration comes in many forms. These weekly visually engaging affirmation and meditation cards are a wonderful way to soothe the mind and body through imagery and guided awareness.

As moms we often need support with our kids. JoAnna and the Spirit Frog © are heartwarming cards that provide children with emotinal guidance and moms with tools for open communication.

Strategies to Talk With Kids

Every week JoAnna and the Spirit Frog is accompanied by simple suggestions for moms.

These suggestions offer strategies that create communication with children around stress, worry, anxiety and more.

Talking to our children about confusing or tough subjects can be a huge source of anxiety for moms. These cards and suggestions will help mothers receive clarity and support

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A Meditation for You

Every week you'll receieve a video meditation that compliments that week's strategies and affimration cards.

To learn more, watch the free meditation below to experience soothing relaxation and guidance.



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